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Ceramic Coating Services in Treasure Valley, ID

At Disco Detailing we also provide ceramic coating services for your vehicles anywhere in Treasure Valley, ID. Ceramic Coating is a unique liquid solution that is applied to the outer body of your vehicle by hand. When cured, this particular chemical interacts with the factory paint on the vehicle, forming a clear, extra-strong layer of protection. You may finally say goodbye to waxing with this coating.

Our application approaches are something we are proud of. Before applying the Ceramic Coating to your car, we execute a range of critical preparation stages, including clay bar treatment, paint correction (if necessary), anti-static decontamination treatment, and silica spray refill for a rich Crystal Coating activation shine. Ceramic coating treatment will offer long term paint protection to your vehicle, this outlasts a wax or polishing service, usually lasting 6 months or longer.




We employ the most sophisticated forms of protective coating such as Nano-ceramic, which forms a crystal-like layer over your exterior and provides your car with the best protection and the glossy look that auto lovers desire.

We are happy to be among the first service providers to supply automobile owners with an exceptional degree of satisfaction and joy with these premium products, as we have revolutionized the idea of ceramic coating and exterior protection with this magnificent technology.

You may expect your ceramic coating to impress other drivers around you if our skilled staff works on it. We arrive at your location and perform these services at your home or office. This is the highest level of protection you can do to the exterior of your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Give us a call today and get the protection and shine it deserves, just like the rest of our pleased customers.


We offer the best car ceramic coating service. The coating is also claimed to provide solid protection for your car in adverse weather.

We guarantee that you will not have a problem with your coating any time soon because we only work with top-of-the-line ceramic coating goods.

We provide a warranty to all ceramic coating customers, and believe in providing the highest level of quality, aesthetics, service to our consumers

The coatings we employ are made of the hardest materials, providing your automobile with the finest protection for long trips

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Ceramic coating has the advantage of being able to be applied to almost any surface. The cutting-edge technology is invisible and provides consistent protection from debris and stains in tough environments. The films are frequently completely transparent, making them nearly impossible to detect with the human eye. Ceramic coating is a highly efficient protector of your car’s glass surfaces due to its mix of stealth and durability. You can never go wrong with our superior ceramic coating materials made exclusively for car windows and windshields by the world’s leading companies, so grab them as soon as possible. If you decide to obtain ceramic coating, contact us at Disco Detailing, and we will impress you with our superior services.